Drone Wedding Photography – Everything You Need to Know


Thinking about drone wedding photography for your big day?

From how much drone wedding photography costs to choosing the best photographers for the job, we’re giving you a complete guide to one of the hottest trends in modern wedding photography.

Island Wedding with Drone Photography
Mathew Evans Photography

Why Go For Drone Wedding Photography?
Drone Wedding Photography Offers a Unique Perspective—Literally.

Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone. So, not only will your official photographer of course capture beautiful professional stills, but most likely, you’ll have dozens and dozens of snaps from every angle care of your guests as well.

From the ground up, that is.

With drone wedding photography, you can capture views that would otherwise be impossible.

Aerial photography lends an epic feel to your wedding shots. Done well, it can produce much more than just a cool factor. It can serve to heighten the emotion of each shot and really enhance the story of your big day.

Drone Wedding Photography Allows You To Explore More Possibilities!

Imagine breathtaking aerial shots of you two amidst panoramic landscapes, sprawling heritage sites or estates, expanses of beach and ocean… drone wedding photography is definitely a gift to outdoor weddings.

Apart from these big, sweeping shots, drone photography can also be used to explore new views of old traditions. How would the line of a wedding march look from above? What would the bouquet toss be like from that view? 

You can even use drone wedding photography to involve your guests! It can be a fun reception activity to get everyone together and take a creative group shot—spell out your initials! Use props!—of the entire group.

Taryn Elliot Photography

Drone Wedding Photography Considerations
How Much Does Drone Wedding Photography Cost?

When canvassing rates for drone wedding photography, perhaps it’s best to first decide what you’re after—do you want just drone photography? Drone videography? Both?
For some vendors, drone shots are already included in certain base packages. For others, these are available as an optional add-on or even a separate, standalone service.

There’s a wide range of options out there in terms of pricing. But, on average, you can generally expect to pay around $100-300 on top of a standard coverage package.

That being said, it’s important to remember that pricing will largely depend on several factors. The photographer’s level of expertise in both the creative field and drone piloting is one. Some others are the type (and therefore shooting capabilities) of the drone, length of coverage, and post-production inclusions.

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to discuss what you have in mind with potential photographers. Ask about their drone offerings. There are packages for every preference that they will most likely be more than happy to walk you through.

Matthew Evans Photography

Which Drone Is Best For Wedding Photography?

Ask your photographer about their drone of choice. 

Sure, the technical specs will most likely sound like gibberish to many of us, but make sure your photographer breaks down the strengths and limitations of the particular type and model they use. 

Most drone wedding photographers prefer drones that give them the right balance of agility—lightweight, quick to set up, smart controller-enabled—and high image quality.

This makes the DJI Mavic Air 2 a popular choice for many, including Shyani and Simon from Moments Photography & Film weigh-in, “We prefer taking a smaller drone to shoots to maximise space and weight. We do need our drones to shoot very high-quality raw photos and 4K video to be consistent with our final products.”

Some photographers also prefer drones that allow them to add their camera or lens of choice. Feel free to ask about this when you discuss with them. What’s important is to get on the same page on what’s possible… and what isn’t.

Jason Blackeye Photography

How Do I Choose The Right Drone Wedding Photographer?

Of course, choosing the right drone photographer is crucial for ending up with aerial shots that you are absolutely head over heels in love with. 

Here are some things we recommend looking for when it comes to your drone vendors for the big day:

  • Experience and expertise

Remember that small as they may be, drones are still aircraft, so you want to look for someone with the experience, technical know-how, and skill required. 

Only work with a professional who puts safety protocol first. They should also be able to help you check for area regulations or restrictions that may apply to your venue. And, it can be worth inquiring about insurance just to mitigate any risks, however unlikely these are.

  • Plan and prep process

Drone wedding photography and videography take a considerable amount of planning and preparation—something the right vendor should be able to take the lead on.

According to Shyani and Simon, their work starts even way before the big day. 

We go out to locations beforehand and scout out lighting and portrait spots, get licensing, speak to other vendors, provide draft timelines and advice in terms of how much time is required for every part of the day, have regular client meetings, and obsessively check the weather leading up to the big day.

Moments Photography & Film

  • Vision and style

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you will want to choose a creative who is still a photographer first, and a drone operator second.

Paul Gilmore Photography

The key to drone wedding photography is using it tastefully. A great photographer knows how to use this powerful tool to add to a compelling visual story. After all, not every moment is best captured as an aerial shot, no matter how spectacular it may look onscreen.

With that, work with someone who knows when and where to use drone wedding photography. Drones can be distracting due to the sound they emit along with, well, being objects flying around. You should be able to trust your photographer to keep drone photography as discreet and unobtrusive as possible.

Choose someone who will say yes to sweeping views of wide-open spaces and perhaps a big no to trying to capture the quiet solemnity of the ceremony itself.


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Atomicbutterfly Photography
Burleigh Heads QLD, Australia

Atomicbutterfly Photography takes pride in capturing all the moments of your big day as you experience them, from the subtle, often-overlooked in-betweens, to the big and bold—complete with confetti, smoke bombs, and yes, aerial views. If you’re looking for a multi-awarded professional photographer + videographer in the Gold Coast, check out Atomicbutterfly Photography.

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Austin Grader Photography and Design
Craigie WA, Australia

For Perth-based wedding photographer and videographer Austin Grader, it’s as much about the experience as the outcome itself. He ensures that the shoot is as comfortable and enjoyable for you as possible.

This makes for magical images of you in your best light—whether from the ground or up in the air.

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Authentica Creative
Gold Coast QLD, Australia​

Authentica Creative is Anna and Sean, Sunshine Coast wedding photographers and videographers specializing in high quality, high drama films and portraits. Known for its rich, warm tones and crisp finish, their signature style is polished and elegant yet still absolutely natural and uncontrived. They are also experts at destination weddings, offering not just photography but seamlessly executed cinematography that includes complimentary aerial shots care of their drone, Mervin.

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Jac and Heath
Catherine Hill Bay NSW, Australia

Jac and Heath have over 10 years of experience in commercial photography (including for BBC Top Gear, Masterchef Live, and Australian Fashion Weekend). They are veritable experts when it comes to producing great images, both with and without a drone. This Catherine Hill Bay-based wedding photography and videography duo make capturing bright, romantic shots of your big day absolutely effortless.

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Matthew Evans Photography
Edge Hill QLD, Australia

With more than a decade of experience shooting weddings, Cairns wedding photographer Matthew Evans skillfully works with any and every location—especially with a drone—and lighting conditions. In any setting, he brings out the best in couples’ candid moments. The result is a style that’s diverse yet still unmistakably his, and definitely beautiful.

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Moments Photography & Film
Gold Coast , QLD

Pyrmont wedding photographers and videographers Shyani and Simon of Moments Photography & Film are all about the bright, airy aesthetic. They have an incredible mastery of using natural light. As a result, they create romantic on-ground and aerial images that without a doubt capture the sheer joy of your wedding day.

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Tony Evans Photography
Barwon Heads VIC, Australia

With a diverse photography portfolio ranging from commercial and lifestyle to professional portraiture, Tony Evans is one of the most in-demand wedding photographers in Melbourne. Combining this expertise with a knack for storytelling, he produces images that are both visually amazing as well as emotionally authentic.

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Wylde Folk Studio
Manly West QLD, Australia

Nationally and internationally published Brisbane photographer Tahlia Fielder’s work boasts of an organic, natural… glow. There’s an almost tangible softness and tenderness in the way she captures a couples’ connections. Also, Wylde Folk Studio’s packages—including drone wedding photography—can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Make sure to get in touch.

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Drone Wedding Videographers

Aside from Drone Wedding Photography, Videography Can Also Be A Great Idea.

Wedding videos and highlight reels can also benefit from the mobility only a drone can provide.

We go out to locations beforehand and scout out lighting and portrait spots, get licensing, speak to other vendors, provide draft timelines and advice in terms of how much time is required for every part of the day, have regular client meetings, and obsessively check the weather leading up to the big day.

Moments Photography

This is especially true for outdoor or destination weddings where the location is a ‘supporting character’ in itself. Catching sunrises or sunsets over the venue can help set the stage for the video as well.

Tracking shots captured via drone also tend to have a uniquely cinematic feel. If you want to add a little bit of dramatic flair to your wedding reel, drone videography is definitely worth considering.

Matthew Evans Photography
Bottlebrush Films
Burnley, VIC Australia

Melbourne-based videographers Bottlebrush Films creates, in their own words, “Wedding films that aren’t boring AF.” Perhaps more than the fact that they’re international award-winning cinematographers, what makes their work outstanding is how it just bursts with the couples’ unique energy.

Check them out for films that are real and boldly beautiful.

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CloudHerd Film Co.
Melbourne, VIC Australia

CloudHerd Film Co. is a team of wedding and commercial videographers from Blue Mountains. They are guided by their firm belief that their work should reflect the fact that no two couples are alike. So, they pride themselves on versatility.

Whatever ideas you have in mind, they can collaborate with you (and play nice with your photographers!) to bring your story to life.

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JADÈ Films
Palm Cove QLD, Australia

While the JADÈ Films wedding videography team is based in Queensland, they’re a favourite for destination weddings and elopements. And with their elegant, epic style, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking for a wedding reel that feels like something straight off the silver screen (complete with sweeping drone shots, of course), check out JADÈ Films.

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Jensen & Young
Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Jensen & Young’s intuitive, artistic, joyful style brings to life the story of your big day through a combination of documentary-style shooting and lightly directed (without being contrived) vignettes. These Sunshine Coast wedding videographers are internationally acclaimed filmmakers who are absolute pros at keeping you comfortable and relaxed to just do your thing… as they do theirs.

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O’Brien Originals
Perth WA, Australia

For couples whose perfect wedding celebration is lively, loud, and maybe even a little wild, Perth wedding photographer & videographer Teagan O’Brien is definitely the gal for you. Whether shot with her handheld or filmed from a drone, O’Brien Originals produces arresting images—ones that just have that badass feel to match your vibe.

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Oneheart Studios
Gold Coast , QLD

Melbourne photographers and videographers Oneheart Studios pride themselves on capturing real moments as unobtrusively as possible. Sweet, candid, and 100% natural—Oneheart Studios’ work reflects everything you want your wedding day to be, celebrating you just as you are.

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Say Hello to Forever
Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

Sunshine Coast wedding videographers Karlo and Jordan of Say Hello to Forever document your journey on the big day, from behind the scenes right up to the vows and through the party. The result is a fun film full of authentic joy that really brings the story of your big day to life.

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Scout’s Honor
Mona Vale NSW, Australia

Ben of Scout’s Honor is a wedding videographer based in Sydney. Weaving together traditional shots, 8mm-like snippets, and establishing drone clips, he somehow manages to capture the unique essence of the day in a way that’s perfectly imperfect. If you’re looking for a natural storyteller whose work is immersive and engrossing, Ben’s your guy.

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Sunny Day Films
Gold Coast QLD, Australia

Gold Coast wedding videographer Simao Luz’s work is just filled with love. Perhaps it’s thanks to his skilled artistry and incredible attention to detail that his magical films are heartfelt and deeply emotional… without being cheesy. Ask about Sunny Day Films’ available packages and options for customization—drone shooting is available upon request.

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Twenty-four18 Weddings
Bendigo VIC, Australia

Voted by brides as the best Bendigo wedding videographers, Twenty-four18 creates sentimental films that are timeless and full of genuine emotion. Because they believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on documenting your wedding day, their packages all include full-day coverage so you don’t miss a thing

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White Parrot Wedding Photography & Film
Brisbane , QLD

Brisbane photographer and videographer, husband and wife duo Pavel and Vera of White Parrot pride themselves on the distinct vintage film feel of their work. With the moody, cinematic style that has become their signature, drone shots are right up White Parrot’s alley.

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If you’re looking for a new way to capture your big day, drone wedding photography (and videography) can be a wonderful option for you. It can add character and drama to the shots you’ll relive your wedding day with for years to come… in the right hands, that is.

We hope this article comes in handy as you plan ahead for your wedding, and of course, as you choose the right photographer to partner with to bring your vision to life.

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Reading Drone Wedding Photography – Everything You Need to Know
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Reading Drone Wedding Photography – Everything You Need to Know

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