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The Beginning of WeDidIt.Wedding, an Aussie Wedding Directory
Our wedding planning journey was a truly unforgettable experience. One that somehow deepened our appreciation for one another and strengthened our relationship further, even after years of being together.

This once-in-a-lifetime adventure had us falling more and more in love with each other every step of the way. But with some of the twists and turns of the process? Not so much.

We knew from the beginning that finding our dream wedding sidekicks was crucial—we’ve always been big believers in hardworking, creative, brilliant Aussie wedding professionals.

What nobody warned us about, though, was just how difficult putting together our A-team would be.

Not only did we have to dig through countless vendors that didn’t quite fit our vibe just because they promoted heavily, but we also found ourselves faced with some logistical realities we hadn’t really expected.

Sending endless back-and-forth emails, navigating through overwhelming options, dealing with a lack of transparency on certain package options and offers… there were definitely times when all this clutter and noise almost got in the way of our otherwise fun and enjoyable planning process.

And so, We Did It was born.

a note from the founders

The goal is simple: to gift other couples with a chance to experience all the happiness of our own journey… without the unnecessary added layer of stress and anxiety.

Through a long cycle of brainstorming, ideation, and reiteration, we pared it down to the absolute must-haves:

We provide updated, efficient tools that are all about the functionality that other directories lack.

Our vendor database aims to be as extensive, up-to-date, and transparent and easy to navigate as possible. Instead of relying on sponsored placements, our directory is focused on ticking all your boxes on skill, style, vibe, and vision.

We pride ourselves on our firm commitment to creating a diverse, non-bias space that equally represents everyone, vendors and couples alike.

After countless late-night working sessions (now as husband and wife!), we’re proud to welcome you to this intuitive, practical, personalized wedding planning platform—a relevant, engaging directory that’s all about making meaningful connections possible for the modern couple.

xx Elina + Heath

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We exist to support and empower you on your journey towards the wedding of your dreams—the goal is to make wedding planning an easy, headache-free, even enjoyable experience for you and your partner.

That’s why we’re happy to clear up any questions you might have in mind. To help make things even more effortless, we’ve answered some of your most common queries.

Do we have to pay to sign up?

Joining the community is absolutely free for couples!

We don’t do paywalled features or limited-time free trials either, so you can be assured you’ll always have access.

What’s in store for us if we sign up?

We Did It is your ideal modern wedding directory. Joining the community allows you to:

  • Connect with our extensive, up-to-date, diverse database of extremely talented vendors, from venues to cakes and everything in between
  • Find the perfect vendors for your unique needs and wedding vision with our practical search and filter options for this database
  • Unlock exclusive tips, tricks, and tools from wedding experts

Advanced Features

We’re constantly working on improving the wedding planning experience. Here are some exciting innovations we’re rolling out for you very soon:

  • Intuitive online dashboard to give you complete control over organizing and connecting with your vendors
  • Ability to chat with Vendors directly, see their availability online , save to your wishlist and add your own rating and notes about each vendor.

What kind of vendors can I find on the site?

If there is anything we’re happy to boast a bit about any day, it’s the curated community of amazing vendors that we’re building.

In our database, you’ll find vendors for all your wedding needs—venues, celebrants, photographers & videographers, cakes, floral stylists—who are not just absolute aces at what they do but are wonderful human beings as well.

We also pride ourselves on representing hardworking, passionate small businesses. With all these great choices, you’re bound to find the wedding team that fits you perfectly.

What do you mean when you say that you are an inclusive platform?

We strongly believe that each and every couple—from any background and any walk of life—deserves to enjoy the love and marriage they desire and choose.

Our platform and resources are for all couples, regardless of gender & gender identity, sexual orientation, demographics, culture, race, ethnicity, religion, spiritual beliefs, ability status, and physical attributes.

What areas do you cover?

We showcase vendors from all over Australia and New Zealand. Simply search by location to see vendors near you.

Many of our vendors are also happy to travel, so make sure you check out their destination wedding offerings.

Can you plan my wedding for me?

While we definitely love the planning process and everything that goes into the big day, We Did It is a platform for your wedding planning process. Our focus is on giving you the tools to help you on the journey and connecting you with your wedding dream team.

Do I communicate with you, or the vendors?

No time wasted waiting on account managers and other third-party people here! Your professional vendors will be happy to assist you directly. After all, nobody knows the ins and outs of the business more than these experts.

Do I book vendors through you?

Our platform simply makes it easy and efficient for you to connect with vendors—all bookings and contracts are arranged directly with them.

Is my info safe with you?

We absolutely follow all Australian laws and policies regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and management of your personal information. 

Should you wish to read more about our Data Privacy Policy, click here.

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