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Kenmore QLD 4069, Australia
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  • Capturing the most important moments of your day
  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere to capture the real you
  • Great communication so we can really connect
G’day, I’m Aleisha!
I am a Brisbane based (Australia and world friendly) wedding film-maker!
It’s just little old me running this love show.
From a young age I knew visual storytelling was for me. It made my heart race, seeing life and experiences unfold before me, knowing I could capture them and keep them forever. 
It led me to film school, where I spent a tonne of money (we shot predominately on film….I’m old), but had one of the best experiences of my life, both creatively and personally. I met life long friends and while we created some questionable work, we also pushed our creative brains to make art. From there I have worked in the feature film industry as well as a family photographer for a well established Brisbane portrait photography studio. And that brings me to where I am today… my precious little wedding film and family photography hustle!
All of these experiences have created the mentality I carry with me today when creating your wedding film. I want open-mindedness and connection to lead me to create an unforgettable piece of your history.
It’s incredibly cathartic being able to express love, human connection, community, warmth, courage and pure happiness within a creative atmosphere!
I'd love to be involved in your wedding day, capturing all of the amazing moments that unfold throughout the day. 
Once you see your story, it will fill your heart!
My wedding film style is very chilled/relaxed/documentary. I try to stay back a lot and just let the moments unfold. I rarely direct, instead I’ll chat with you and your photographer while we make magic! I’m very conscious of respecting your photographers method and therefore let them direct you as necessary while I shoot from the bushes!
So please fell free to chat to me about your wedding day celebration! 
Aleisha x
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