Jodie Modric

Coolum Beach QLD 4573, Australia
Number of Photographers 2Package Starting From $1200Hourly Rate $300
  • Sunshine Coast local knowing all the little hidden spots.
  • Natural, fun and authentic photography.
  • I'm shamelessly romantic !
Hi I'm Jodie your wedding storyteller. I'm there to creatively capture the love and laughter, the authentic unguarded moments bathed in happiness, the little celebrations that are constantly unfolding, the retelling of your love story through my images for all time and for all to witness. My work in documenting your day is natural and effortless, it’s embedded with your love and exploding with colour just as life is … and I'm excited to tell your story! 

I wasn’t one of those people “born with a camera in my hand”. My love of photography stems from having THE WORST wedding photos ever and trying to protect the rest of you from having this same ill fate. In fact you could probably find my own wedding on one of those “most awkward photo” clips we all laugh and cringe at during our lunch break. 

So, here I am, trying to set right to a wrong and hope that my rose-coloured view of the world and of course to LOVE can bring someone else a little piece of happy.

Expect the unexpected ..
It's your wedding day, the day you've been excitedly planning for a long time if not a lifetime and every wedding day is unique, each couples dreams are entirely their own vision and that's exactly what I aim to capture on your day. 
I'll be prepared for anything, rain, hail or the Sunshine Coast's magnificent best and I'm happy to be on this adventure with you. We are surrounded my pristine beaches, gorgeous little hidden trails, boardwalks and mountains, whatever your style is, I'm on board !

I'm there to guide you, giving you space to breath, relax and enjoy the entire day so I can capture the candid intimate and funny moments as they play out. Posing is not my style and probably not yours, best we leave that to the Kardashians!

To photograph or not photograph ..?
There are so many incredibly beautiful parts to every wedding. You will no doubt have agonised over colours, table settings, veil, no veil, which flowers are in season and millions of other fine details only to have virtually nothing left but your memories. 
The photography and your wedding rings really are your biggest investment. Your children and let's not stop there ... your ancestors, will be sighing over your images for generations to come and combined with the amazing technology that we have today there is no fear of them becoming lost or destroyed.

The finer end..
After all is said and done weddings are expensive and I understand that whilst we all have dreams and desires, the mighty dollar plays an important part and it is important to have a budget.
This is where being flexible helps .. I'm there for you if it's an hour you need or the entire day from the moment you wake up until you can't laugh or dance any more. 
There's no time limit other than the one you set and it would be my pleasure to create a package that suits YOUR needs.

Sooo if you've read this far and like the way I roll, head over to me web page, send me a message or old school phone me !

Let the adventure begin !
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