Venita Manning

Brisbane QLD, Australia
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  • Warm and engaging
  • Awesome story teller
  • Feel like a friend marrying you
Hey there, I'm Venita and I love to marry people. Yes, that sounds a bit odd but what I mean is that I will marry you to your main squeeze. 

You want a memorable ceremony right? Not one of those boring "where's the champagne" numbers that go on forever and really don't have much to them.

Well, my goal is to tell your story at your wedding and have everyone hanging on every word.  We'll talk about what makes you guys - you! Why you laugh together, cry together, your dreams and secrets. What you love most about that person that makes your heart sing and gives you butterflies when you think of them. That is what I will talk about at your ceremony. 
I specialise in creating fresh ceremonies that are full of warm energy, personal stories and loads of fun. I will walk you through the whole process to ensure everything is seamless, easy and enjoyable.
Together we will create a ceremony that I will present with warmth, care and style to you and all your guests.​ The wedding of your dreams.

If you'd like to have a chat, I'm up for a coffee, G&T or even a Zoom call. 
Much love to you xx
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