Ella Gannon

Brisbane QLD, Australia
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  • Ella is a fan of love of all kinds and supports marriage equality.
This is your day. I bet you didn’t dream of having an average wedding, or an average day.  You, my new friend, are anything but average, so together let’s make your ceremony anything but! I am known to be a bit of a wordsmith, and with you in mind, together we can mix your ideas with mine to put together a ceremony that is about you, for you.
It doesn’t have to be “traditional” and “normal” (whatever that means). It doesn’t have to drag out for hours and be boring, but if that is what you want, then I am totally ok with that too. From experience, as long you are you are standing there with a goofy looking grin on your face because you are happy and are madly in love, saying the important 124 legal words to be married, then we have all the ingredients we need to make an awesome ceremony.
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