Julie Muir

44 Rawson St, Mayfield NSW 2304, Australia
Package Starting From $1500
  • I'm multi-lingual. I speak Irish, Spanish, French and a bit of Italian: one of the advantages of growing up in Europe. Is one of you from another country? Or did you meet overseas? If you want a sprinkling of another language in your ceremony, I can make that happen for you.
  • I'm Irish, which means I have a knack for story-telling and a beautiful Irish accent. Don't worry, it's easy to understand. Your guests will love it! I also love Irish whiskey, proving that some stereotypes are true.
  • Are you planning to write your own vows? I know it's nerve-wracking but I'll help you to write the best vows ever. Insider tip: there is a bit of a formula that I'll share with you. I'll push you, in a good way. The results will be soooooo worth it.
I'm a Newcastle celebrant who loves her job. I'm passionate about creating personalised wedding ceremonies that reflect the personalities of those involved. So, there are no boring or out-dated ceremonies here! 

Personalised ceremonies are my specialty
Everyone has their own unique love story that deserves to be told- whether you met at the McDonalds on King st after a night at Kingas , backpacking in Asia, or even if yours is a Tinderella love story, I will write a beautiful story all about it, infused with a bit of humour. Your guests will be hanging off my every word hearing what you love about each other and what annoys you too!

You have so many options for personalising your ceremony. I will give you my super-duper 'Couples Resource Kit' full of ceremony inspiration and provide you with lots of MODERN ideas for ways to show your personality- ones that you will actually like!

My objective is always to create a RELAXED VIBE, so that you and your guests actually enjoy the ceremony (instead of having to endure it!). They will laugh and they will cry. It's important to bring the light and the shade.  By the end, your guests will feel uplifted and ready for the P-A-R-T-Y.

I know that the wedding day can be a bit overwhelming for lots of people, (I see you introverts!) but I'll be there to help calm your nerves on the day and banter with the guests.
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