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Searching for the perfect marriage celebrant in Melbourne? Narrow down your choices with our handpicked list of top Melbourne wedding celebrants.

On average, almost 30,000 weddings per year are held in and around Melbourne. This makes the area one of the most popular places for tying the knot in Australia. With this, locking down the perfect marriage celebrant in Melbourne should definitely be a priority.


Why Choose a Melbourne Marriage Celebrant?

They don’t just play a key role in the ceremony itself. Choosing to go with a marriage celebrant who’s a Melbourne local can have its advantages when it comes to other details of your wedding:
  • Advice on amazing venues

Your Melbourne wedding celebrant probably knows their way in and around the area! Ask them for any venue advice you might need.
Melbourne’s proximity to the incredible Port Philip coastline and picturesque Yarra Valley can be a major draw for couples. Both areas are perfect for those looking to get a few gorgeous wedding or engagement photos done.
The city centre itself is also home to a variety of potential wedding venues, from cozy hipster spaces to classic grand ballrooms. Not to mention, Melbourne also allows for ceremonies to be held in public gardens. Definitely check with your celebrant if that’s something you are considering.
  • Adaptability to unpredictable weather 

The city is downright notorious for its crazy weather. Not only will your local Melbourne wedding celebrant be able to give you firsthand advice on what to expect, but they’re also used to it. They’re prepared to think on their feet and adjust as necessary.
  • All things creative

Also, as it is known as Australia’s Cultural Capital, Melbourne boasts of vibrant energy that the city’s talented wedding creatives definitely tap into. Whatever aesthetic and vision you have for your big day, there is without a doubt a wedding team for you. Of course, nobody has more connections to them than your Melbourne wedding celebrant.
If you’d love to get to know any of these amazing marriage celebrants in Melbourne, learn more about them here.

Top Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne

Need help finding the perfect celebrant for you? Here’s our handpicked list of the best Melbourne marriage celebrants for your consideration.

1. Celebrant Emily Hall

Newport VIC, Australia

An Authorised Civil Celebrant, Melbourne’s Emily Hall is everything you need for the ceremony of your dreams. She effortlessly takes on different roles as necessary, from legal administrator to captivating storyteller. And in everything she does, she injects a wonderful touch of warmth and modern sophistication that brings everything together. 

Shot by Sean

2. John Edney

Plenty VIC, Australia

John Edney is one of Melbourne’s most popular marriage celebrants. With 15 years of experience in hosting all kinds of events, John’s forte lies in keeping any room flowing. Whether yours is an intimate, private ceremony or a wedding celebration with thousands of guests, John puts his all into making it unforgettable.

Jessica Abby Photography

3. Nurture & Celebrate

Glen Waverley VIC, Australia

Sit down with Melbourne wedding celebrant Sophie for the usual meet-and-greet… and you’ll walk away feeling like you’ve made a friend. Her previous experience as a social worker is evident in how she connects with people so naturally, and of course, in the support, heart, and genuine care she brings to your big day.

Bright Light Weddings

4. Wendy Does Weddings

Diamond Creek VIC, Australia

If you think you’ve seen her on TV, yup—Melbourne marriage celebrant Wendy has appeared twice on Married at First Sight! Despite (what she jokingly refers to as) her celebrity status, Wendy is as down to earth as they come. Her goal is simple: to make sure your wedding is all about celebrating your love story your way. 

Emma McEvoy

5. Michelle Kiernan

Warranwood VIC, Australia

Civil wedding celebrant Michelle Kiernan is Melbourne born and bred. She focuses on getting your marriage off on the right foot. So, she makes both the planning process and the ceremony itself as relaxed and fun as possible. Warm, genuine, and super friendly, she collaborates closely with couples to bring their wedding ideas to life.

 Tizia May Photography

6. Fiona Garrivan

Forest Hill VIC 3131, Australia

Fiona Garrivan is one of Melbourne’s most in-demand wedding celebrants. She has extensive experience in the industry, creating and delivering beautiful wedding ceremonies for a decade now. If your vision for your big day balances moments of laughter with heartfelt, emotional ones, Fiona may be just the person to make it happen.

Mardy Bridges Photography

7. Weddings By Danielle Emily

Frankston VIC, Australia

Fiona Garrivan is one of Melbourne’s most in-demand wedding celebrants. She has extensive experience in the industry, creating and delivering beautiful wedding ceremonies for a decade now. If your vision for your big day balances moments of laughter with heartfelt, emotional ones, Fiona may be just the person to make it happen.

 Tiffany Photography

8. Charis White

Northcote VIC, Australia

In a decade of being in the business, Charis White has come to be one of Melbourne’s favourite marriage celebrants. With impeccable attention to detail and keen sensitivity towards her couple’s needs, Charis creates and delivers just the kind of ceremony you are looking for. It’s no wonder she is one of the most-reviewed celebrants in Melbourne.

Fern and Stone Photography

9. Savvy Celebrant - Kerrie Thomson

Coburg VIC, Australia

Making the process as easy and comfortable as possible is Melbourne marriage celebrant Kerrie Thomson’s priority. Whether you already have the specifics in mind and just need help with the execution or you have absolutely no idea where to start, she can definitely help on your journey towards an amazing ceremony.

10. Ray Galea

Fitzroy VIC, Australia

If you’re looking for a witty, engaging Melbourne wedding celebrant, Ray Galea is your guy! Ray has the uncanny ability to light up a room and work the crowd, all while keeping the focus solely on celebrating you as a couple. Check him out for a celebrant who is outgoing, friendly, and undoubtedly professional.

Fiona and Bobby

11. Rita Doherty

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Rita Doherty is a Melbourne civil wedding celebrant with a background in making people’s lives better as a wellness teacher. Perhaps this is why her calming presence just radiates happiness. With Rita’s passion and professionalism, you can expect a modern ceremony that’s stress-free, personal and certainly special.

12. Julie Byrne

Mount Evelyn VIC, Australia

Multi-award-winning Melbourne celebrant Julie Byrne has conducted over 700 weddings. She is the perfect mix of professional and casual, promising a fun-filled, memorable ceremony that has your vision at the heart of it all. Easy-going yet up and ready for anything, Julie can make your big day feel like a dream.

Rick Liston

13. Mrs Emma Tomlinson

Mount Martha VIC, Australia

Melbourne civil celebrant Emma Tomlinson has been helping couples tie the knot for over 11 years. Having worked in events even before becoming a full-time celebrant, she is an expert at planning, organising, and of course, celebrating. If you’re looking for a passionate, experienced wedding celebrant, check out Emma Tomlinson.

14. Ceremonies by Ally

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Melbourne marriage celebrant Ally promises “a fun, fresh approach” to creating a ceremony that is completely you. She takes the time to get to know you, genuinely investing in your story to come up with just the right words for your big day. Get in touch with Ally if you would love a meaningful yet light-hearted ceremony.

Rachel May Photography

15. Rebecca Mayo

Chelsea VIC, Australia

5-star, award-winning Rebecca Mayo is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after wedding celebrants. Beck is a self-declared “lover of love, official marriage-maker, and party-starter.” She promises a day filled with touching heartfelt moments as well as fun and laughter. If you want a meaningful, joyful personalised ceremony, she might be your perfect match.

Silas Chau

16. Abbie Frew

Langwarrin South VIC, Australia

Melbourne marriage celebrant Abbie Frew is a big believer in having your wedding your way. Whether you want an epic, all-out celebration or an intimate gathering of only your closest circle, she promises to guide you towards realising your vision. Relaxed and bubbly yet incredibly professional, Abbie can help your ceremony dreams come true.

For the wedding of your dreams, you need the right team.

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Top Marriage Celebrants in Melbourne for 2021

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