11 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Wedding Cakes in 2021

Wedding Cake Options

Have you ever wondered why cakes are so special and are considered important aspects of the wedding day in almost every culture? It’s not the flour and butter that makes them so important. It transcends beyond the makeup of cakes.

It’s the occasion that makes cakes so special.

Often time we desire to keep the memory of our special occasions for a long time and cakes, with all their glamour helps us with this desire. This is so because there are no better keepers of memories than sight and taste. Over the years, several aspects of a wedding have been modified or changed entirely but not the cake. The cake has managed to maintain its relevance because of its pivotal role in preserving memories.

Lemon curd buttercream wedding cake decorated by Thistle and Whey, a sustainable baker in Adelaide, South Australia.
Lemon curd and poppyseed cake, decorated with dried citrus and thistles by Thistle and Whey, in Adelaide South Australia.

How Important Are Cakes for The Big Day?

To better highlight how important wedding cakes are in a wedding reception, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Several theories on the origin of wedding cakes exist, but the most notable one is that linking the origin of cakes to an ancient Roman tradition. In this tradition, cakes made of mostly wheat or barley were crushed over the bride’s head as a symbol of good luck. Even though a few crumbs of the cake were eventually eaten, that wasn’t the real focal point of the exercise, good fortune was. 

The buns, cakes, and other confectioneries were eventually eaten up by the couple and the guest alike. The next trend was the introduction of the bride pie. These pies were made typically of sweetbreads, fruits, and nuts.

Two-tier ivory wedding cake, decorated with vibrant red and lilac roses, designed by Sweet Art Celebrations in Croobyar, New South Wales

Gluten-free white chocolate mud cake with lemon curd, and gluten-free chocolate mud cake with milk chocolate ganache. Covered in vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream by
Sweet Art Celebrations, Sydney NSW

What Do Wedding Cakes Symbolize?

This tradition was transported to medieval Britain where it was adjusted slightly. In this era of the cake revolution, cake devouring was the main focal point against crumbling in the ancient Roman tradition. In this era, newly wedded couples would kiss over a stack of buns, and if the buns do not crumble, it is taken as a sign of good things to come in the union.

Over the years, there have always been lots of symbolism associated with wedding cakes. For instance, the white color that is presently attached to wedding cakes started in 1840 when Queen Victoria wedded Prince Albert in a white dress.

The cake too was given a touch of white since the color white symbolizes virginity and purity. So in that era, the white wedding cake basically symbolized the chastity of the bride. That was why it was only the bride that distributed the cakes at such wedding events. The first-ever known sweet cake for wedding purposes was the Banbury cake which became popular in 1655.

The cutting of the cake; what it represents.

We have discovered that most couples just engage in most of the wedding rites without actually knowing the significance. Now think about it, what if you knew what the cake cutting aspect of your wedding symbolizes.

Wouldn’t it hold more value for you as you go through it? It definitely would. Hence let’s take a little time out to look at, the significance of cake cutting.

Husband and wife cutting a cake on their wedding day. Wedding photography by Angela Brushe Photography on the Sunshine Coast Queensland
Semi-Naked Caked Photographed by
Angela Brushe Photography,
Sunshine Coast QLD

The original intention of cutting and distributing of cake by the bride was because it symbolized fertility. With time, wedding guests increased, and weddings grew bigger, the task of distribution required an additional hand. Hence, it was required of the groom to contribute to the cutting and distribution of cakes to the teeming wedding guests.

Another symbolism of the wedding cake is that it connotes union and a promise to provide. So now before couples begin to distribute cakes to their guests, the first share a bite between them to symbolize their new union and their determination to provide for themselves.

Apart from the symbolism discussed above, the roles of wedding cakes can be summarized as:

I.   It is important for the glamour it brings

II.   It is also important as a means of entertaining and feeding the wedding guests.

III.   No better keepers of wedding memories than cakes and photos. So cake, along with its taste and sight preserves the memory of the wedding even for a long while.

What are the Types and Prices of Cakes Available?

It’s surprising the wide variety of cakes you can get from your cake vendors. This wide variety is the reason why cake tasting is even required in the first place.

The common types of wedding cake designs include traditional wedding cakes, floral cakes, ruffle cakes, naked cakes, frosted cakes, cupcakes, donut-towers, and cakes based on flavor.

The traditional wedding cake is the most popular one amongst them all. They are majorly white, and they include decorations and icings such as almonds and buttercream. Examples of wedding cakes that are based on flavor are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

One reason why cakes are of wide variety is the price. So while the smaller cakes such as cupcakes and individual cakes are more price effective, some others are not. So while frosted cakes cost more, they are still purchased for the large amount of cream they contain.

How are Cakes Priced?

Before we discuss this, it is important to understand that no matter what your budget is, there is something sumptuous for you by way of a cake. You can remain within your budget and still land a good cake.

With dream wedding cakes, there are no set rules or prices that govern cake vendors. These businesses base their prices on factors such as their overhead cost, level of expertise, attention to detail, cake style, and popularity.

Four Tier Fondant cake decorated with sugar flowers by Belle Bakes at The Highline Venue
Four-Tier Fondant Cake With Sugar Flowers by Belle Bakes at The Highline Venue. Sydney NSW

This means that the less experienced, small-scale vendor may offer lower prices because they have fewer staffs to pay and they are also trying to break into the market. It is also possible to find a newcomer with so much to offer by way of his quality, offering his cakes for a relatively high price. With this, it is clear that a different number of rules influence the prices for cakes including individuality and the level of demand being recorded.

However, on average, cakes should go for around $300-$600(AUD), $230-$450(USD), €200-€400(EUR).

This is not a rule of thumb though as there are couples who want it big and exotic. These couples might be willing to pay above this benchmark.

On the other hand, there are also couples who just desire a simple ceremony with immediate friends and family. Such couples might want a cake a little below the price stated herein.

So for cake pricing, it’s a matter of choice. There is something for everyone, only the quality and size might differ.

How to Have a Successful Cake Tasting

If you have gotten to the cake tasting stage of planning your special day or that of a friend, then you are almost done with the whole stressful but interesting wedding journey. However, it is important to still keep your head in the game and ensure that your cake tasting is not badly done. A couple of points highlighted below will help you ensure that you have a successful cake tasting exercise.

For a successful cake tasting exercise, do the following:

•   Spread the tasting over a period

Because wedding planning is quite time-consuming and stressful at the same time, especially in our current climate.

A common mistake is to schedule all your cake tasting for just a day. The problem with this is that you can easily get fed up with the sight of cake before finishing with your second vendor. Each vendor offers at least five flavors which you will want to go over. Two vendors approximate to ten different tastes, before you know it, you are settling for the next flavor that you put in your mouth simply because you are saturated.

To go around this, spread out your tasting, so you do not end up doing them all in one day. This will ensure you choose only but the best.

Psychedelic style/galaxy cake created by Accidental Caker in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.
Psychedelic Cake design created by The Accidental Caker in Brisbane QLD.

•   Pay attention to the weather

Since outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular, it is possible you are planning to have your wedding in an outdoor location. If this is the case, then you have to consider the prevailing weather before your cake tasting. High temperatures can melt icings of chocolate and buttercream while fondant icings hold on more. So you should have the weather in mind before your cake tasting so you can tell your vendor your preferred icing option based on your prevailing weather condition.

•   Remain hydrated

When you are on that tasting spree from one flavor to the other, it is important to keep hydrated. Drink water throughout the tasting process to keep your palates clean and your tasting buds refreshed. This way, tastes will not get mixed up and confused.

You want to be able to differentiate the different tastes, flavors, and textures existing between the cakes. This way, you will be able to choose only the best without the confusion of any sort.

•   Don’t arrive hungry

You must have noticed that every food seems totally appealing to you when you are hungry. This is not any different with confectioneries. If you arrive at your cake tasting venue hungry, every single case you come across will most likely be appealing to you.

To avoid this pitfall, arrive at your vendor’s store after a meal so that your head will dictate for you and not your stomach. Do not over-feed before arriving. Some people detest any form of food once they are filled. While you are aiming to not arrive hungry and ready to devour, strike a balance.

White Sails With Gold Leaf Cake by 
Picket Pence Cake Design
Sydney NSW
White Sails With Gold Leaf Cake by
Picket Pence Cake Design
Sydney NSW

Who Should Make the Cake?

When deciding on who should make your wedding cake, one rule that stands out is that cake businesses require approval to operate because of their delicate manner. So, before choosing your wedding cake vendor, you can as well carry out a check or an examination of your own. Start by subtly monitoring the environment. You can even ask for a tour around the kitchen in order to determine if your prospective cake vendor is best-practices compliant.

This way also, you are sure that both you and your wedding guests are not exposed to hazard of any kind. This is because the cake vendor’s premises are thoroughly checked for safe food handling practices and the required level of hygiene.

A couple of other averages to minor cake vendors exist from whom you can order your wedding cakes and it will still come out as good. You can find a couple of them by checking with or other cake inventory websites.

How Much Should Be Spent on the Cake Depending on Wedding Budget?

Wedding cake prices vary. It all depends on your cake inspiration: the size, design, inclusion of toppers, your wedding theme, and other designs, and a couple of other cake factors mentioned earlier.

Choosing a wedding cake has been so that your process of choosing a cake can be simplified. These websites make it possible for you to select a price range for the cake you desire, then a couple of cakes you can get for your budget will be presented to you. You can go ahead and make a list of them.

Then what follows next should be a tasting.

Schedule a tasting with the cake vendor offering up those cakes. Please do not just pick a cake and order for them simply because they look glamorous.

A great wedding cake transcends beyond just appearance. Taste also matters. We recommend you arrange for a tasting to be sure it’s got the glamour and a good taste to match.

Wedding Cake Decorations to Try

For those who would want to bake their wedding cakes baked by themselves, we have compiled a list of wedding cake decorations you can try to give your cake that extra touch. Even if you are not the DIY kind of person but you want to have your cake done your way, you can look up any of the designs mentioned below and suggest them to your vendor.

Woman admiring looking at a one-tier cake decorated with dehydrated oranges and flowers decorated by As Sweet As Jasmine, Photographed by Helen Oswald Phography in the Hunter Valley
Single-Tier Dried Citrus Cake by Dragonfly Cakes, Sydney NSW
Flower decoration by As Sweet As Jasmine. Photographed by Helen Oswald Photography at Piggs Peake Winery

·      Easy Drip Cake Designs

Drip cake designs are known for their simplicity and the fun they can bring. To have the drip effect, you just have to take a spoonful of your ganache and disperse it on your cold cake. The different length of drips is the result of this action.

·      Chocolate fruit basket design

This cake depicts a fruit basket made of chocolate, then inside of it are fruits of different kinds. The fruity effect jazzes up this cake, one that’s sure to leave people “wowing”.

·      Sprinkle Cake Decorating

·      Simple Fondant Cake Design

·      Galaxy Cake Idea

·      Smooth Buttercream Cake Decorating Idea

·      Strawberry Walnut Torte.

The beautiful wedding cake designs mentioned here require some form of practice to be mastered, but if mastered, they can be amazing designs to try.

If you are not so confident in your baking skills just yet, do not gamble with your wedding reception. You have dreamt of it for a whole while, and now it’s here, makes it count by allowing the experts to attend to it while you attend to other pressing issues that come with planning a wedding.

Modern Cake Adaptations You Can Try

A few additions can be added to the cake to further spice up the whole event. One good example is the wedding cake toppers, popular at weddings in the US around the 1950s.

Wedding photography of two sexy wedding cake topper by Evoke Co. based in Wollongong, NSW. Venue is Raventhorpe, Albion Park
Wedding Photography by Evoke Co. Cake by Ravensthorpe, Albion Park

The wedding cake toppers are models that are made to sit on the cake, of which the commonest is a representation of the couple in their wedding attires, using icing. This could be taken a notch up to feature the actual faces of the couple, and this model symbolizes togetherness.

A couple of other toppers such as ones depicting the occupation of the couple are also good options. Some couples settle for flowers on the top tier instead of a topper. If you are not sure of the adaptation that might be fitting for your choice of cake, your vendor can offer some professional advice.

The wedding cake is many things to different people, but one thing is sure, as far as wedding ceremonies are concerned, the place of the wedding cake is irreplaceable. We do hope that this wedding cake guide you have read will give you the edge you need to land a wedding cake that will wow the sights of your wedding guests and leaves their taste buds asking for more.

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